GH 9/18/14 Thougths

Shawn tells Sonny about Ava having a baby scare. Shawn says the plan to get Ava happens today. Olivia comes to tell Sonny that Dante n Lulu are safe. Sonny calls Michael n Morgan giving them the good news n suggests they should have a family gathering to celebrate. Sonny mentions how he would help Morgan raise the baby n Olivia asks isn’t Ava raising the baby. Sonny covers his statement n Olivia leaves. Shawn leaves to start his plans to get Ava.

Carly wakes Franco up w a Happy Birthday. Franco apologizes again for accusing Carly of sleeping w Sonny. They start making love n Carly is thinking about Sonny. Carly then tells Franco about a birthday party she planed for him. They talk about guests who would go n Franco wants Kiki. Carly suggest his new friend Nina.

Rosalie goes to see Nina who is working out in Franco’s art therapy room. Nina asks Rosalie if she has been working on their plan. Rosalie says she planted a seed of doubt. Rosalie then tells Nina how she overheard Kiki n Morgan talking about Carly sleeping w Sonny. Franco sees Nina n he is all happy about Carly but Nina stops him from talking.

Michael goes by the brownstones as he is waiting for the roofers. Michael asks Morgan if things are smoothed over between him n Kiki. Michael then tells Morgan about his conversation w Rosalie. Morgan asks Michael if they are in good terms n he says yes. Morgan leaves to run an errand. Rosalie drops by the brownstones.

Kiki goes to have breakfast w Silas. Silas asks what Kiki, Nina n Carly like about Franco. Kiki mentions she is keeping a secret from Franco. Then Kiki says she told Morgan n not Michael. Silas asks why she told Morgan n not Michael. Kiki mentions how Morgan likes Rosalie then Silas says he doesn’t trust Rosalie. Silas leaves for work.

Carly invites Kiki to Franco’s birthday n hopes she keeps the secret. Kiki says she will keep the secret as long as she keeps her distance from Sonny. Sonny shows up to talk to Carly.

Ava gets a surprise visitor who turns out to be Sabrina. Sabrina apologizes to Ava for treating her terribly. Ava says Sabrina was very unprofessional. Sabrina says she is getting help for her grief n asks for forgiveness. Ava forgives Sabrina n then Sabrina gives Ava medicine for the baby. Sabrina leaves n she throws a bottle out that has a warning of premature labor.

I don’t like Franco n Carly together so I’m not into her throwing him a birthday celebration. While Carly was kissing Franco i’m glad she was thinking of Sonny! Sabrina has some balls to go to Ava’s place n giving her pills that will hurt the baby. Nina was hilarious working out while Rosalie was talking to her. Wonder if Nina will tell Franco the secret. Sweet moment of Sonny on the phone w his boys! Sonny being happy n calm is a sign that something bad is about to happen…

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General Hospital On The Soup 9/17/14

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GH 9/17/14 Thoughts

Nik on the phone get info when Britt asks what is goin on. Nik explains how he found out about Lulu n Lucky as he needed to give Lulu his bone marrow. Nik holds a special place in his heart for Lulu. Britt n Nik talk about Victor’s deeds when Spencer walks in. Spencer explains how Luke is not a good man.

Alexis wonders where Patrick is n Sam said he left. Alexis explains how she is going on a date w Ned. Sam tells Alexis how Patrick kissed her. Sam talks about why she stopped from going any further. Sam talks about the history of Jason n Patrick. Alexis suggests that Sam n Patrick’s history can bring them closer together.

Patrick at home sees Liz asleep on the couch. Liz explains how Emma wanted to go home. Patrick explains how Emma is having a hard time w Robin gone n the divorce is happening. Patrick talks about kissing Sam. Liz helps him through his feelings. Patrick explains his history w Sam. Patrick gets a call from Nikolas wondering about Luke.

Anna almost got into the room where Robin was held. Liesl finds Anna n wonders if they found Nathan. Liesl explains how Victor set a device for the facility to blow up.

Robin n Jason having problems getting out of the room. Jason was able to work the wires to open the door. In walks Helena. One of Helena’s men knocks Jason out. Helena explains how she has Stavros’s embryo n has big plans for Robin n Patrick. Jason wake up, shoots the men down, grabs Robin n they try to find a way out.

Maxie n Nathan find Dante n Lulu. Nathan explains how the facility is going to blow up. They all run into Anna n Liesl. Nathan asks what happened to Victor. Liesl says there isn’t time n they have to get out. They get to the front door where it is locked. Dante, Lulu, Maxie, Nathan n Anna all start shooting the door n it worked. Once they got out the whole facility exploded.

Nice to see Helena back but was very creepy about the embryo. Wonder what her plan is… Nice hearing a lot of history being brought up. Glad to see Jason still has his skills. Nice of Liz being a great friend to Patrick. Some funny sayings n great advice from Alexis to Sam. Awesome shooting scene of the five of them shooting the door down. I wonder who survived the explosion…

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GH 9/16/14 Thoughts

Tracy visits Michael asking what he knows about Lulu. Michael doesn’t have much info. Michael asks if Luke knows anything about Lulu. Tracy says she hasn’t been in contact w him. Michael suggests that Tracy call Luke who may have info on Lulu.

Anna puts Victor in handcuffs. Liesl holds Anna at gunpoint. Liesl explains she is protecting her son so she shoots Victor. Word gets to Anna about Dante n Lulu’s whereabouts so she leaves. Victor wakes up.  Liesl explains how Victor knows the truth that Nathan isn’t his son n the truth is far worse. Liesl is about to suffocate him so he will die, Victor pushes a button that starts alarms going off. Victor explains how the facility is going to blow up.

Maxie n Nathan save each other n they kiss. Before they leave the room Nathan teaches Maxie how to shoot a gun just incase for protection. Maxie picks the dagger up so she can bring it back to Felicia. They find a man that works there n Nathan asks him questions. Hearing the alarms the man tells them they have to leave bc the facility w self-destruct.

Dante finds the room where Lulu is n points a gun at Stavros but he is holding a knife to Lulu’s neck. Dante puts his gun down Lulu elbows Stavros then Dante fights Stavros while Lulu fights the nurse. Stavros picks the gun up n points it at Dante. Lulu puts herself in between the gun n Dante. Dante n Stavros fighting over the gun.

Anna sets a plan up to get into the room where Dante n Lulu are. Just as Anna was about to go into the room she hears a gun go off. Anna breaks the doors open n we see Dante w the gun n Stavros is dead. Anna explains how Victor has been in-charge of the whole situation.

Jason knocks a man down, finds his file n picks it up. Jason goes into a room where Robin is held captive. Jason can’t talk bc he pulled his ventilator out. Jason shoots his gun so Robin can break free from the handcuffs. Robin thanks Jason for saving her.

Sam n Patrick read their fortunes that both say try something new. Patrick starts kissing Sam. Sam stops Patrick from going any further. Patrick asks if he misread the moment n San says no. Sam admits she thought about kissing him n she liked the kiss. Sam says she isn’t ready bc she is thinking about Jason since it’s his birthday tomorrow n their wedding anniversary next week. Patrick leaves.

Sam n Patrick kiss was hot, kinda mad Sam stopped Patrick. Cute of Nathan teaching Maxie how to use a gun. Glad that Dante was able to kill Stavros. Nice surprise of Jason finding Robin. Liesl was not playing when she shot Victor n wanted him dead. I wonder who Nathan’s real father is. Of course Victor pressed a button that makes the facility to self-destruct.

What are your thoughts???

GH 9/15/14 Thoughts

Sonny sings to Rocco then Olivia comes in. Both worried about Dante n Lulu but Sonny assures that they will come home. Sonny mentions how Carly helped take care of Rocco. Sonny wishes Carly would listen to him bc he knows Jason would want him to get Carly away from Franco. Olivia asks if it’s really for Jason n not another reason.

Sam tells Patrick that he can hangout w Danny anytime he wants. While eating Chinese food Sam remembers her wedding to Jason. Sam n Patrick read their fortunes. Patrick n Sam talk about their high school proms. They read new fortunes which says try something new.

Anna is in Crichton-Clark n is surrounded by men w guns. Turns out the men are from WSB n Robert sent them to help. Anna was about to go into the room where Jason was held.

Stavros says Lulu she is coming w him. Stavros takes Lulu out of the room n Dante is screaming. Anna hears Dante n helps him get free. Anna gives Dante a gun n he searches for Lulu. Stavros put a sedation in the hormones so Lulu falls unconscious. Stavros about to inject anesthesia into Lulu when she bites him. Dante was about to go into the room where Jason is held but hears Lulu screaming. Dante finds Lulu n points a gun at Stavros.

Nathan has Victor at gunpoint n asks where Maxie is. Victor says he wouldn’t dare shoot his own father. Liesl says it’s true that Nathan is a Cassadine. Victor thinks Maxie is w Peter Harrell so Nathan goes to find her. Victor gets the DNA results n sees that he really isn’t Nathan’s father. Victor pulls a gun on Liesl then Anna walks in. Liesl makes a distraction for Anna to shoot the gun out of Victor’s hand but now Liesl has Anna at gunpoint.

Levi explains to Maxie how his father was hurt. Peter is happy he brought Maxie to him n says she has to die. Peter Sr. wants to stab Maxie w an Aztec dagger. Just as Peter is about to stab Maxie Nathan shoots him in the back. Levi attacks Nathan to avenge his father’s death. Maxie picks up the dagger n stabs Levi in the back. Nathan then kisses Maxie.

Jason escapes his restraints…

Olivia is right saying how Sonny n Carly first loyalty is to each other. Really sweet scenes between Sam n PatrickLove seeing Lulu n Maxie fighting showing girl power!!! Not sure that was the best time n place for a first kiss but happy Nathan n Maxie finally kissed!!! I wonder who is Nathan’s real father…

What are your thoughts???